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Curtains are also referred to as drapes. The drapery is made typically of cloth, it is easy to operate and can be chosen from any colour of your choice. The basic function of a curtain is to provide privacy, curtail the light and add to the look and feel of the interiors of your home. Depending upon your taste and liking, you can have colourful curtains installed.

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Curtains and Blinds

Coloured, multicoloured, monochrome, single shade curtains or blinds in different sizes and types are available at Blue Rive Blinds.

Coloured Sheers & Curtain

If you want a touch of class or want to layer the curtains, then you can go in for sheer curtains or coloured sheers which are mostly see through and transparent. They come in different materials and colours and at times, the heavy-duty curtains can be pulled aside and only the sheer will be visible.


Drapes can be used as an additional accessory and placed alongside the other curtains and is a window treatment that is popular. Curtains and drapes are movable and customizable too. They are mostly made of cloth and come in different fabrics, textures, finishes and colours too. Want to know more about the world of drapes, get in touch with Blue River Blinds.

Our Blinds

Want indoor, outdoor commercial, residential, shades, awnings, blinds or shutters in Mornington, VIC? Choose from our range of custom made, motorised, automated, window, deck, verandah, balcony, patio, pergola, gazebo, shades, drapes, blinds and curtains.

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Sheer Curtain Pakenham
Drapes Pakenham
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Coloured Sheers Beaconsfield
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Sheer Curtain Frankston
Drapes Frankston
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Why Choose Us?


Blue River Blinds has over 20 years of experience in making, fitting a blind, curtains, drapes, shade, shutter, canopy, screens and more for domestic, commercial customers Australia-wide and in Mornington, VIC.

The reasons why people choose us include:

1. Wide-ranging blinds, shutters and drapery

At Blue River Blinds you can find a blind, shutter, curtain, awnings and roller shutter of your choice material, colours and more.

2. Customised blinds and shutter system

For your different rooms, like balcony, veranda, gazebo, patio, pergola, or deck, if you want to know what colours blinds and plantation shutters are best-suited or if you seek suggestions, connect with us. We have PVC or plastic shutters, Norman, Normandy or plantation shutters, light blockout shutters, track monitor system, drop, double layer curtain or drapes. Now if security is your concern and want shutters that are good in monitoring security, if you want to know more about automation blinds, or what type of blinds, shutters would suit your balcony, pergola, deck, veranda, or gazebo, then just consult us. If you want to know what type of blinds or awnings will suit the outdoor of your café, if security is your concern, want to know more about the crank or dual layer blinds, we can customise as per your requirement.

3. The blinds and curtain materials range is huge

If you are looking for multicoloured, colourful, sheer, curtain or blind fabrics, then just connect with us. The different multicoloured and colourful blinds and curtains will delight your senses. And you will be spoilt for choice. If you have any special request for a particular colour, material or fabric, be assured that Blue River Blinds will arrange it for you. Our specialists will suggest to you what coloured blinds or curtains will assure light blockouts, and will add an aesthetic element is best left to the experts at Blue River Blinds.

4. Locally made and high-quality

Any residential internal, external blind, shade or canopy, shutter or awning are high-quality and are made from good materials. If you want blinds or shutters that are PVC waterproof, can be operated automatically, electric, crank or motor-control enabled, rollup, remote control you can be sure to get it at Blue River Blinds.


Variety of indoor blinds to fill every space, join us now

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